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Wrinkle Relaxing Injections with Azzalure at Sadaf Jaffari’s Clinic

Experience wrinkle relaxing injections with Azzalure, available at Sadaf Jaffari’s Clinic. This treatment, customised to your unique needs, is performed following a thorough consultation.

The Innovation Behind Azzalure

Crafted from purified proteins derived from botulinum toxin type-A, Azzalure intercept muscular nerve signals, temporarily relaxing muscles and smoothing away unwanted facial wrinkles.

Azzalure rejuvenates your appearance by diminishing dynamic lines and restoring youthful radiance. Sadaf Jaffari tailors the strength of your anti-wrinkle treatments to your individual requirements. This customisation ensures that you retain natural facial expressions, preserving a subtle and authentic allure.

The Treatment Process

Anti-wrinkle injections can target an array of facial concerns. Commonly employed to refresh the forehead, frown lines, and the area around the eyes, these injections offer a revitalised look while maintaining a gracefully youthful appearance. Beyond these areas, Azzalure can be skillfully utilised off-licence to address bunny lines, lip wrinkles, dimpled chins, gummy smiles, downturned mouths, square jaw shapes, and prominent platysmal bands on the neck. Every treatment is guided by a comprehensive consultation, ensuring personalised care tailored to your needs.

The Outcome

The actual procedure lasts approximately 5-10 minutes, involving a few minuscule injections into the targeted areas. There’s no need for extended recovery; you can seamlessly return to your daily routine. However, it’s advisable to refrain from exercise for 24 hours and avoid applying beauty products on the day of treatment. Additionally, facial treatments, steam rooms, and saunas should be avoided for two weeks until the product has settled.

Our Promise To You

At Sadaf Jaffari’s clinic, we pledge:

  • Complimentary consultations: Begin your journey with an informative session.
  • Competitive pricing: Experience top-tier treatments without financial strain.
  • Expert specialists: Entrust your transformation to skilled professionals.
  • Non-invasive techniques: Bid farewell to surgical interventions.
  • Proven, long-lasting outcomes: Revel in results that stand the test of time.
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Suitable Candidates for Azzalure

Azzalure offers its transformative touch to both men and women. Its remarkable effects begin to unfold over a span of 3-5 days post-procedure, with further improvements materialising over the next 2-4 weeks. During this time, periodic reviews ensure precise adjustments based on your muscle patterns. The results of your rejuvenation journey will grace you with a fresh, revitalised appearance, lasting between 3-6 months. With consistent treatment starting as early as the age of 30, static ageing lines can be effectively delayed.

Are There Any Side Effects or Complications?

Anti-wrinkle injections with Azzalure are a gentle and virtually pain-free procedure. For those with heightened sensitivity, a topical anaesthetic cream may be used, though it’s often unnecessary.

Like all medicines, Botulinum toxin carries a potential for side effects, but its complete breakdown by the body assures the utmost safety, with no lasting effects. Potential discomfort may occur as the needle enters the skin, with minor bruising or bleeding at the injection site in rare cases. On extremely rare occasions, muscle weakness may result.

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